Retire in Malaga, Spain
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How to Retire in Malaga
Housing and Healthcare
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How to Retire in Malaga
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How to Retire in Malaga
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Why Malaga?

How to retire in Malaga, Spain?

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Retire in Malaga, Spain

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Being in Europe, Malaga is still a very affordable city. Use the link above to get a cost of living estimate and begin building your budget.

Spain has one of the world's top medical systems. A citizen or permanent resident can qualify for the terrific national health system. Still, until you qualify, or even as supplemental coverage, it may be a good idea to buy additional coverage through private insurance. Estimate from $55 to $225 per month for an individual. Use the link above for additional information.

Living in Malaga you can rent, approximately $1,100/mo for a 3 bedroom apartment in the city center, or buy a property. Above is one of the best links for finding a property in Spain.

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Malaga offers a ton to settle down in during your golden years, no matter whether you want a more Mediterranean, mountainous or urban retirement.

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